I offer natural approaches to manage symptoms for people with dementia.  I create personalised nutrition and lifestyle 1:1 programmes.  I also offer dementia prevention 1:1 programmes and specialise in supporting people with and without dementia over the age of 65.

My background is working within an NHS memory clinic so I offer an integrative approach where I can use my medical knowledge alongside a complementary/functional medicine approach.  

I’m on a mission to promote good nutrition as the foundation to a healthy and happy life into old age.  I believe in the power of nutrition to both heal and to prevent disease.  I also believe it is important to make the time to plan, shop, and cook and to try to lead by example.  I am someone who my family and clients can rely on.  I make others feel valued with my caring and empathetic attitude.

Are you having memory loss symptoms or have you been told that you have mild cognitive impairment? Are you interested in how diet, lifestyle, and supplements could help your overall health and in turn your memory? Are you keen to explore a ketogenic diet where the body uses ketones to fuel the brain rather than glucose? Would you like to have further testing such as homocysteine levels or want to do genetic testing to find out your APOE status? Do you want to find out what could be the root causes of your difficulties with memory? It would be my absolute pleasure to work with the aim of helping you to take action with your memory difficulties.  

My name is Nicolle Appleton and I am a Nutritional Therapist and Registered Nurse.  I feel real joy working with older adults.  I love hearing their stories.  That's why when I qualified as a nurse I went onto the older people's unit ward at the Royal United Hospital in Bath as a staff nurse.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing my dissertation about malnutrition and the older person and enjoyed reading research.  A few years later, when the opportunity arose to work within a research and memory clinic setting I jumped at the chance.  I now have over 15 years of experience as a memory clinic nurse and research nurse in Alzheimer's disease clinical trials.  I truly believe that I understand what it is like to have dementia and care for someone who has dementia.  I have always been passionate about good nutrition and the healing power of food so studied to become a nutritionist too.  Now I am combining nutrition with dementia and offer my clients a unique integrated medicine experience.  

I follow the work of Professor Dale Bredesen and the Bredesen Protocol and Dr Datis Kharrazian.

Do you or a loved one have a diagnosis of dementia? There is so much that can be done to support people living with dementia through nutrition. I like to believe that my services bridge a gap between mild to moderate symptoms and the need for prescription medications.  Many symptoms can be relieved with a few changes to diet and lifestyle and perhaps the use of supplements.

We may feel it appropriate to work on blood sugar balance as the brain is very sensitive to fluctuations in blood glucose. We may be working to ensure you get the right types of fats in your diet. 

sleep problems
digestive problems
gallbladder issues
weight loss

Nutritional therapy may well be helpful for all of these symptoms.

I can't turn back the clock and reverse Alzheimer's disease or dementia as this will continue to progress.  I can however help the person with dementia to regain their energy and vitality for life.  I can help then to find their sense of calm.  I can help so that everyone in the household get's a good night's sleep.  As someone who understands the struggles of caring for someone with dementia, I can be a professional who listens and understands and can help guide you so that you can find the answers you are looking for.

Our brains are incredibly sensitive to the foods that we eat and diet and lifestyle really can make a difference to our minds, mood, and memory.

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Nicolle Appleton is a member of The British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

I have lost 15kg, my cholesterol and HbA1c (measure of diabetes) are now within normal limits and I feel so much better ’

May 2023, From a client I was working with for Alzheimer’s prevention

Nicolle Appleton was very welcoming and understanding of my wife's condition. She was very professional in her analysis of how she could help my wife with her nutrition. She set achievable targets for her to keep on track between visits. The supplements she suggested have really helped her achieve better nutritional health. We both thank her for all she has given us.

September 2023